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Up to 25 % free crypto rewards

Earn crypto reward on everything you buy online by using Verso.

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Swap crypto-currencies without paying any gas fees.

Redeem your crypto into giftcards

Convert your crypto into giftcard and enjoy your favourite brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verso?

Verso is a non custodial mobile wallet built on Polygon blockchain and uses USDC stablecoin as rewards for online sopping.

What is USDC?

USDC is the crypto distributed as reward in the Verso app. For example, when you buy online, the rewards amount in your Verso wallet is in USDC cryptocurrency: it's a secure, freely transferable reward and it has a real value.

How do I start earning crypto?

It's easy as one, two, three ! Start by downloading the Verso application if you haven't already done so.

Then, choose one of your favorite stores from the list provided in the app and click on the dedicated link to access the site / or the app. Clicking on the Verso link will activate the reward tracking system.

Then buy your product on the partner site, exactly as you usually do.

Verso will track your purchase and send your rewards in cryptocurrency to your Verso wallet when the merchant pays us.

NB: If you want to buy from your desktop PC (except mobile) you can send the link to yourself by email from the application.

In which stores can I earn crypto reward?

Verso partners with more than 1,000 leading merchants in the travel, beauty, fashion, consumer electronics, travel, beauty, fashion, consumer electronics and much more!

You can see the complete list of our partners here:

How to properly configure my browser for rewards?

Before buying via a Verso link, please remember to follow the following recommendations :

  • Do not install an AdBlocker - it is not enough to disable the AdBlocker.
  • Do not use the Brave browser which includes a native adBlocker
  • Accept Cookies
  • If you are on Safari, go to "Settings" => "Safari" => "Privacy and Security" => "Security" => "Privacy" => "Security" then in "Privacy and Security".

Then, you have to check that :

  • "Block all cookies" is unchecked
  • "Prevent Cross-sites tracking" is unchecked
  • You can now start shopping with Verso!

Watch this video tutorial on YouTube to know more :

What can I do with my crypto?

First of all, you can use them to buy gift cards for your favorite stores directly in the app.

You also have the option to exchange the crypto received in reward for another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or stable coins. (USDT...) This happens in the "Swap" tab of the Verso app.

Of course, you can send cryptocurrencies to your friends if they own Verso or send them to their wallet address on the Polygon network.

Finally, you can simply choose to keep them in your wallet because you believe in the Verso project. This is the famous "HODL" of cryptocurrency fans: you are betting on the long run.

How is Verso safe and secure?

Yes, Verso allows you secure access to your wallet. We also advise you to backup your wallet to recover your cryptocurrencies even if your phone is lost.

To do this, go to "Menu" > "Backup my wallet" and follow the instructions carefully.

Where can I see my purchases and pending rewards?

In Verso, you can see the status of your purchase rewards at any time.

Head to the "Wallet" tab in the application, then click on the "Transactions" button below your crypto balance.

You will then find all your current and completed transactions.

I still have questions I can’t find answer to...

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us at We will be happy to help you

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